Educational Seminar Videos

video is 21 minutes 50 seconds long

The Fruit and Vegetable Cold Chain Process From Beginning to End

A technical expert will share an overview of a fully functioning cold chain. This will be compared to what is currently happening in Egypt, challenges, areas for improvement, and planning a path forward.


video is 10 minutes 43 seconds long

Transportation Technology in the Cold Chain

This discussion will focus on best practices in transport such as the use of Uber technologies, and what technologies can be used to maintain proper temperature control.


video is 12 minutes 27 seconds long

Efficient Storage Structures Suitable for Extreme Temperature Environments

A Design/Build Expert will share the latest in design/build and how to build an efficient structure for hot zones such as Egypt.


video is 12 minutes 32 seconds long

Maximizing Your Cold Chain Business with Access to Resources

A modern cold chain company needs resources beyond capital to grow profitably. This presentation will highlight best practices, technical services, educational opportunities, and other resources that the Global Cold Chain Alliance provides to businesses around the world to help strengthen the global cold chain. Presented by James Rogers – Senior Director of Business Development, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA).


video is 14 minutes 53 seconds long

Alternative Energy Options

This topic will explore the benefits and potential for solar energy, natural gas, and bio-mass as a means to supplement the national grid or replace it entirely. The session will highlight specific examples of beneficial alternative energy usage such as solar-powered cooling storage systems from the fruit and vegetable value chains both inside and outside Egypt.


video is 12 minutes 46 seconds long

Technology and Innovation in the Cold Chain

This session will present innovations to tackle cold chain mobilization challenges. The UN Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) will discuss its partnership with FAS and Agri-Misr’s e-finance to design solutions including exciting innovations in networking technologies to address common asset problems faced by cold chain actors, and digital platforms such as Agri-Misr’s e-finance to better integrate different agricultural value chain actors.


video is 18 minutes 34 seconds long

Refrigeration systems – What to choose and how

There are so many choices to make when choosing the most appropriate refrigeration system for your cold store needs: size, type of refrigerant, expandability, temperature range and on and on and on. This session is designed to give the attendee insight into such factors and a suggest a potential means to determine what is best to make a more profitable business.


video is 24 minutes 7 seconds long

Energy Efficiency and Application of Solar Energy in Cold Stores

A case study will be delivered by Solar X on the ability to reduce temperatures using solar energy and how to maximize the return on that investment.


video is 16 minutes 38 seconds long

Doors Are an Investment, Not a Cost

This session will demonstrate the ways that investing in the proper doors for a specific facility’s needs is critical to saving money.


video is 12 minutes 37 seconds long

Using Solar Energy in Packing houses and Agriculture

Learn about best practices on using solar power in a pack house setting, including the importance of operational best practices and the need for a properly trained work force.


video is 15 minutes 24 seconds long

Challenges of Cold Storage Fire Suppression

In all aspects of the cold chain and your business, safety of people, product and property is critical. Effective fire suppression is a multifaceted challenge that demands a wealth of products, systems, and knowledge. Whether large or small the configuration of suppression systems involves sprinklers and valves, extinguishers and agents, special hazards systems, related components and fittings. This session aims to explore each area and provide insight into the decision-making process to aid you in making the best choice to protect your business.

Good Morning Egypt daily TV program Interview

The Good Morning Egypt daily TV program interviewed some participants on day one of the Cold Chain Exhibition which was held in Egypt during the period 22-23 January, 2020.